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The author of this blog is a physiotherapist with a special interest in strength training and exercise for older adults.

As we get older we all lose muscle mass, muscle strength and bone density. These changes can have significant consequences. They can lead to slowing down, aches and pains, difficulty with day to day activities and increased risk of illness and injury.

The importance of exercise for adults has been understood for a long time. But what has been ignored is the absolute importance of exercise, and specifically strength training, for older adults. There is a vastly expanding evidence base demonstrating the huge benefits of strength training as we age: improved muscle mass, strength, bone density, improved vitality, quality of life, functional abilities, reduced risk of age-related diseases, and improved sleep and mood to name just a few.

Most older adults are completely unaware of, not only the benefits of strength training, but what strength training actually consists of and how easy it is to get started. This is exactly where this website can help you (and your older friends and family, and even the younger ones too!).